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Designer & CEO of

August 10, 2002

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Places to Hang out: Star Bucks, Barnes & Noble's, Clearwater, Moet's, University mall, Ybro Citi, Westshore Mall, Need to find so place in Tampa. In NY: the Village, Prospect Park, Central Park, Washington Square Park, Museums and the Brooklyn Library.

Music Artist/Groups: Erykah Badu, Musiq Soulchild, R. Kelly, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Toni Braxton, Foxxy Brown and I love the Urban Divas you know, the Sisters, the Homegirls, the Soulful Singers.

Movies: The Color Purple, Eve's Bayou, The Best Man, Purple Rain, 9 Weeks, X, Mo Better Blues, Have Plenty, I Mad Man, Set it Off, Beloved, and Love Jones.

Places To Shop: Banana, Lord & Taylor, Macy's, Gap, Urban Outfitters, Structures, and Bang Bang's.

Places To Travel: Miami, New York, Up State New York, DC, and Mass.

Actresses: Nia Long, Sanaa Latham of "Love and Basketball", Vanessa Williams of "Soul Food" the TV show & Vanessa Williams.

Food: West Indian food, Soul food, Chinese (Pepper Steak), and anything with Beef!

Colors: Red, Dark Green, and Browns

Beautiful Ladies: Lauryn Hill (love a women with locks), Erykah Badu, Vanessa Williams of Soul Food the TV show (like I said, love a women with locks) Denise Archibald(John Q), Naomi Campbell, Foxy Brown, Stacey Dash, Nia Long, Paisley of the WCW, and The Williams Sisters... oh ya I can foreget Jennifer Lopez.

Turn Ons: that Natural Look, Did I say I love a women with locks, ladies with Class, and Bad girls in church girl Clothe.

Artist: African art, Picasso, Frank Lloyd Wright and Frida Kahlo.

Books: I only read textbooks, for some reason I can't get in to storybooks.

Poam: What flavor are you?

by Duncan Don Haynes

The beauty of our people is the variety of flavors. No other race has our diversity, no other race has our flavors.
Don't hate me because I love all of your flavors.
All of our flavors.

From the deep dark black chocolate with its rich smooth creamy texture to the lightest vanilla. With your eyes close, you can't tell the difference between chocolate and white chocolate, it tastes the same. Peanut butter, chunky to smooth. Peanut butter ice-cream with double chocolate.
Don't hate me because I love all of your flavors.
All of our flavors.

Take no offense when a brother calls you, "Caramel dream;" "Honey sweet;" "Brown sugar;" "Hot fudge Toffee lover;" "Toosie roll baby;" "Brown candy;" "Coco puffs;" "Hot coco;" "Vanilla chocolate swirl girl;" "Butter pecan Recan;" "Chocolate lady;" or my favorite "Rump raisin."
Don't hate me because I love all of your flavors.
All of our flavors.

Black berry: "the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice." Cocoa, Chocolate, Caramel, Coffee, Toffee, Honey, fudge, Peanut butter, Coco, Vanilla, Pecan, Toosie roll, Rum raisin, Frappuccino, hazelnut, and Mocha. Coffee: "Black coffee is strong, but coffee and cream is sweeter."
Don't hate me because I love all of your flavors.
All of our flavors.

Smooth and refreshing dark chocolate treat. Luscious Pecan dipped in rich milk chocolate. A smooth blend of rich chocolate and milk. Amazingly, rich hot Caramel with the cool bliss of Mocha.
Don't hate me because I love all of your flavors.
All of our flavors.

You, taste buds teasing. Sinfully rich and creamy perfection. Deliciousness inspiration.
Impossibly delightful creamy indulgence. Enough to start me looking for a spoon.

Don't hate me because I love all of your flavors.
Don't hate me...


netDon ;0)

My My My?

My height: 5'11.

My weight: 175lb .

My eyes color: ebony.

My shirt size: 16/34.

My waist size: 33.

My shoe size: 11.

My sign: Pisces.


My car: Honda Element EX 2005

My Life: ?


The Don'ts

I don't smoke!

I don't drink!

I don't gamble!

I don't do drugs!

I don't have any kids!



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